meetingroomThroughout our decades of investment banking and financial consulting, we have worked with clients who are attempting partner buyouts, whether it is in a family business where a family member is looking to buyout their relatives or with a partner who is retiring or looking to take over sole ownership of a company. As an intermediary, Axiom is able to provide its services to value the individual ownership stakes in a company and structure a buyout of minority (or majority) shareholders.

Axiom leverages its vast transaction experience to provide independent valuations and fairness opinions for our clients. The valuation professionals at Axiom are able to combine market-based trends with several different valuation methodologies to ensure that we are capturing the most up-to-date and accurate valuation analysis. We believe strongly that all of our clients and potential clients should know the true value of any transaction before “going to market”

Axiom can provide valuation and fairness opinions for transactions involving:

  • Clients and potential clients considering an acquisition, sale, or divestiture
  • Potential merger transactions between companies (both public and private)
  • Management / shareholder buyouts, whether it is an individual or institutional investor
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) valuations
  • Corporate or personal divorces