Valuation Services


In addition to the structuring and implementation of ESOPs for our clients, Axiom provides ESOP valuation services. Under the federal and IRS guidelines , any company participating in an ESOP is required to complete an independent company valuation to determine the respective per share price and overall ESOP value.
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In preparation of the sale or purchase of a company, real estate investment, or any other business entity or investment, Axiom works with its clients to provide an accurate and unbiased valuation. Additionally, we are able to provide an unbiased fairness opinion regarding our clients’ potential sales or acquisitions.
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We work with clients who are attempting partner buyouts, whether it is in a family business where a family member is looking to buy out their relatives or with a partner who is retiring or looking to take over sole ownership of a company. As an intermediary, Axiom is able to provide its services to value the individual ownership stakes in a company and structure a buyout of minority (or majority) shareholders.
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