Financing & Recapitalization

customhouse-towerAs a merchant bank with deep roots in the commercial banking industry, Axiom’s Senior Management works with its clients to facilitate a variety of financing and recapitalization needs.  Whether our clients require growth capital, debt restructuring, or equity injection.  Axiom leverages its relationships with institutional and alternative lenders to accommodate the individual capital needs of our clients.

Axiom has made our reputation by gaining access to capital for our clients. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the current regulatory environment as banks have adopted stricter underwriting standards making it more difficult and time-consuming for those seeking capital. We strive to present our clients in the best possible manner to ensure that they can take advantage of opportunities in the current environment.   Moreover, we work to structure debt obligations and service coverage requirements to optimally meet each clients’ financial capabilities and limitations.

Whether the goal is to raise debt (senior, junior, or mezzanine) or equity, or a mixture of both, and whether the needs are for growth capital or restructuring, Axiom has the established relationships with lenders, institutions, and investors to structure all of our clients’ capital needs.  We have a proven track record of success at sourcing debt and equity for commercial and industrial businesses throughout the United States.  Moreover, as our clients’ needs change, Axiom is there to assist them in recapitalization of their company and developing a debt to equity structure that fits their strategic and financial objectives.