Bank Negotiations

columnsWith more than 25 years of experience in the workout division of commercial banks, Axiom’s senior management has a great deal of experience helping management work through tough times, including the negotiation of troubled bank loans and junior debt obligations.  

It is the unfortunate truth that a number of companies find themselves in the situation when business reversals or other unplanned events jeopardize their ability to meet loan commitments. Management is often ill-prepared to deal with the workout department of a lending institution or other creditors. At a time when management should be focusing on solving the company's operational issues, management faces the distraction of restructuring and/or refinancing its debt. At Axiom, we have the experience and resources to effectively negotiate a debt package that is satisfactory to the lender and provides the necessary financing to meet the company's ongoing needs. Axiom is well known to the major lending institutions, and, as a result, is able to provide confidence and valuable advice to our clients during the delicate negotiation process.