Equity Investments

chessAxiom Capital Group manages a small investment fund seeking equity and/or mezzanine investments in established operating businesses. The goal of the fund is to invest in promising middle-market companies within a defensible industry sector with solid growth potential and strong profit margins. In most cases, the investments will be buyouts or acquisition of controlling interests, where Axiom will either partner with existing management teams or assist in the development of a new management team. Often times, ownership may be looking to “take some chips off the table” and create a liquidity event, but continue with the business.

The Axiom team is very sensitive to the goals and requirements of sellers, and has the flexibility and expertise to structure transactions as creative and complex as needed. Depending on the size of the investment, Axiom may partner with a peer private equity fund in order to conduct the transaction jointly. In these situations, the capital will be leveraged for growth opportunities either through strategic organic growth, “roll-up” acquisitions of smaller industry competitors, or facilitating the realization of an increased operational and sales scale. Moreover, the Axiom management team has the experience in corporate turnarounds to facilitate the repositioning and restructuring of distressed companies for renewed growth.

The companies that Axiom seeks to invest in generally fit the following size criteria:

  • Revenues of at least $5 million but less than $100 million
  • EBITDA of at least $1 million but less than $20 million