Axiom Capital Group is a Boston-based investment bank that works with middle market companies to facilitate their strategic and financial goals.  Axiom has established itself as an industry leader and a trustworthy partner by advising clients throughout mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, financing and recapitalization, corporate restructuring, buyouts, and turnarounds, and valuations.


Axiom provides its clients with senior-level advisory and implementation of mergers & acquisitions, management buyouts, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, and Financing & Recapitalization.


With over 90 years of industry experience, our skilled management team is capable of assisting in our clients throughout industry sectors to advise on company turnarounds, bank negotiations, placement of junior debt & preferred equity, and operational efficiencies.


We are able to leverage our financial capabilities and existing relationships to uncover investing opportunities that may only exist for organizations that have the capital available and can act quickly, including the acquisition of distressed debt, and providing short term private loans.


Through Axiom’s extensive commercial banking experience and countless relationships with financial institutions, we are able to provide market-relevant valuations to our clients.  Whether it is for the purpose of a potential sale, acquisition, partner / share buyout, or ESOP valuation.

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