About us

Axiom was established in 1995 by Zack Farahmand in response to a need in the marketplace for high quality, professional financial advisory services to small privately-owned businesses.

Axiom Capital Group is not your typical investment bank, we are in fact a “merchant bank” at our core.  While investment banks typically serve their clients in a “brokerage” capacity that is transitory and often one-time engagements, a merchant bank embodies the old-fashioned model of  “relationship banking.” In addition to the traditional investment banking advisory services,  Axiom also provides capital, co-investments, and liquidity for our clients in the right situations.  This flexibility differentiates Axiom as a merchant bank and is a critical factor in developing long-term business relationships with our clients.

In today's highly global and regulated economy, a merchant bank like Axiom is able to fill a void in the market that commercial banks, private equity, venture capital, and other financial institutions overlook. Our clients tend to be companies who are seeking equity financing, recapitalization, mezzanine debt or other financing and strategic options that may be “under the radar” of larger institutional firms. 

Moreover, our merchant banking business model allows us to replicate the independent and flexible investing of private equity firms to find investment opportunities for  our clients.  Furthermore, by leveraging our deal flow and transaction expertise, Axiom is capable of buying out majority ownership positions in companies that have strong growth potential or strategic value.